Elite Series 

Simply the best aluminium rims on the market. 

With leading technology in aluminium Ryde is able to produce extremely light weight rims without compromising strength and stiffness. The Ryde Elite Series rims are manufactured according to the highest quality standards by people who care.

The Ryde Elite Series offer the Trace models for mountainbikers and the Pulse models for road racers. Both series are aimed at the weight conscious rider who wants to get the most out of his or her bicycle by selecting cutting edge technology. The advantages offered by both the series are wider rims to extract the maximum performance out of the tires. The offset spoke holes enable wheel builders to built stiffer and longer lasting wheels. And the extremely low weight makes you just win the final sprint or get on the top of the climb just that bit faster.


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Pulse Comp

Stiff, light, fast
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Pulse Comp Disc

Stiffness, strength and a low weight
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Pulse Sprint

Light and lightning fast
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Trace 42

The answer is 42
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Trace 29

These rims are wide!
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Trace 35

Developed especially for the new ‘plus’ tyre sizes
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Trace 25

The new XC-wide is 25 mm!
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Trace 22

Light. Strong. Fast.
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