About Ryde 

Ryde is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium rims. 

Its roots date back to 1908 when the company Rigida was created in France. In 1923 the company Van Schothorst was created. It started to forge rims and assemble wheels for the bike industry in the city of Barneveld, the Netherlands. In the fifties, the company moved to its current location in Boxmeer, the Netherlands and since then it has only focused on the production of rims

As a result Ryde has accumulated a unique and outstanding experience in the field and is able to deliver the highest quality rims in each segment. Development and production is done in its own factories based in Europe and Asia. In that way Ryde controls every step of the process and guarantees the highest quality.

The Ryde vision 

Becoming the best global supplier of aluminum rims and helping its partners and customers designing better wheels is the vision of Ryde.


Ryde proudly develops all rims in house. New designs are based on new insights in construction, function and what the market needs. We are driven to give you a better ride. Be it longer lasting rims, lighter rims, stronger rims, or rims that make your tyres work better, rims that improve the quality of the wheel as a whole. Ryde always was at the forefront of the latest developments. And we are still leading the way with our current line-up of aluminium rims.


Ryde builds its rims where they are needed the most. We have our own production facilities in Europe, in The Netherlands and in Hungary. And we produce in our own factories in Asia, in Malaysia and in China. By producing every rim in house we have the maximum control over the quality. All Ryde factories work to the same standard but every facility has its own specialities.


Another step that Ryde takes to ensure the highest quality is that we build most of our rim building machines ourselves. In that way we can achieve special projects like drilling under extreme angles or being very flexible in producing different diameters of rims.