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Beach racing 

With starting fields of over 1.000 competitors at a race it is definitively a big thing. This discipline is gaining popularity not only in the Netherlands and Belgium but also in France and the UK. And beach racing requires specialized bikes with dedicated rims. With more than half of the field using Ryde rims, we can say that we know a thing or two about beach rims.


Riding over the often very soft sand requires very low tyre pressures to get a wide contact patch so you are more or less floating over the sand. In order to be able to drop the tyre pressures of the wide slick tyres below one bar, you need a wide rim to maintain the stability of the tyre. Ryde was one of the first brands to offer a wide, lightweight rim that was ideal to use for beach racing: the Trace 29.

For model year 2017 Ryde offers a broad range of wider rims, now available at every price level. Besides the proven Trace 29, also the even wider Trace 35 is available to get an even bigger contact patch at the same tyre pressure. Adding only minimal weight, but at a lower price point are the new Edge 30 and Edge 35 rims.


Advantages for the Ryde Beach rims:


> Wide rim for excellent tyre support

for running extremely low tyre pressure

> Low weight

> Easy tubeless setup

> Offset design for the Trace and the Edge models

for even stronger and stiffer wheels


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> Beach rims 

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