Imagine a rim that just lasts and lasts 

Wouldn’t that be nice? The Ryde Carbide Super Sonic (CSS) coating is just that! CSS is a special patented treatment and is one of the most durable coatings around. It is often used for medical equipment and industrial machinery, but Ryde was able to adapt this revolutionary technology also for aluminium rims. 


The very thin layer of coating is melted onto the rim surface by literally shooting the particles at the aluminium. This gives an extremely durable layer that forms an integrated part of the rim. With only a minimal amount of material added, the CSS coated version is not even 5 grams heavier than an uncoated rim. The coating will extend the lifespan of the rim by over four times as long in comparison with the same rim without coating.


On top of that, the grey only coating looks luxurious and adds an high-end look to the complete bicycle. The Carbide Super Sonic layer also enhances braking performance.

To get the optimum braking performance, Ryde recommends special brake pads from Swissstop, Koolstop or Magura to be used with the CSS rims.



Eagle 2: C2 249

SUPRA 2: T3 439

SUPRA 2 inserts: R1 199

DURA 2 insert for Shimano, Sram,

Tektro: R7 DR2CSS

MAGURA HS 11/33: R9 599



All BXP compound brake pads



Red and Green brake pads

The CSS coating is available for a large number of Ryde rim brake rims.


Pulse Sprint, Pulse Comp, Andra 10, Andra 20, Andra 30, Andra 35, Andra 40, ... more OEM on demand!