Ryde introduces rims for the 27,5+ and 29+ mountainbikes 

The Trace range grows wider. 

Literally, because we are expanding the range with 2 new wider rims especially developed for the new ‘plus’-sized mountainbikes. The new Trace 35 measures 35 millimetres internally and offers what we feel is the best size for tyres between 2.8 and 3.0 inch. The Trace 35 offers stability for the tyre and still has a very competitive weight. The other advantage with 35 mm is that also tyres from 2.3” and up fit the rim very well, offering even more control than with the already wide and accepted superior Trace 29 rim.

For those who want to run even wider tyres we will have the new Trace 42. It is the answer. The answer for everyone who wants to go beyond 3.0”. And if you’re brave, you can even fit a 3.7” fatbike tyre on the Trace 42. Both the Trace 35 and the Trace 42 are double wall chambered rims, offers unparalleled stiffness. Both rims can be delivered with symmetrical drilling or with an 3 millimetre offset for building a stronger, stiffer and longer lasting disc- or cassette wheel.