Elite series 

Simply the best aluminium rims on the market. With leading technology in aluminium Ryde is able to produce extremely light weight rims without compromising strength and stiffness. The Ryde Elite Series rims are manufactured according to the highest quality standards by people who care read more

Super series 

Developed by bikers for bikers, the Super Series is for real world riding. Strong enough to withstand serious use, light enough to be at the front of the pack. With technologies carried over from the Elite Series, the Super Series is the very best rims out there. read more

Revolution series 

If you are looking for quality you need the Ryde Revolution Series rims. It was developed for strength and durability, but without the price or the weight penalty that usually goes with these kinds of rims. read more

Professional series 

To have the right rim on the right bike, Ryde offers a broad range of specialized rims. These are available for bicycle manufacturers and many of these rims are developed together with some of the best bicycle companies or wheel builders of this world. read more