> Super Series 

Developed by bikers for bikers, the Super Series is for real world riding.  

Strong enough to withstand serious use, light enough to be at the front of the pack. With technologies carried over from the Elite Series, the Super Series is up with the very best rims out there. The advantages offered by both series are wider rims to extract the maximum performance out of the tires. The offset of the spoke holes and the directional drilling makes a laced wheels not only stiffer and stronger, but will hold spoke tension much longer.

The Ryde Super Series offer the Edge models for mountainbikers, the famous DP18 models for road racers and the Yura models for trekking bike riders. All models are aimed at the fanatical rider who wants to get the most out of his or her bicycle by using strong and durable but still light weight rims. The special shape of the side walls of the Edge models will withstand impacts much better and the overall design makes this one sturdy rim.


The DP18 needs no further introduction, these rims are the strongest out there. In the latest version the aerodynamics are optimized and the internal width fits perfectly with the latest trend towards wider tires. Yura is aimed at the modern trekking bike rider looking for a fast rim that will carry him or her with some luggage throughout Europe.


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