Single eyelets

  • Stainless steel material resistant to corrosion.
  • Improves strength around spokeholes.
  • Improves nipple / rim seat.
  • Reduces the wearing out of the nipples and rim.


Double eyelets

  • Improves strength of the rim by connecting the two walls of the rim.
  • Devides spoke tension on two rim walls.
  • Enhances the wheel building proces.

Carbide supersonic


  • Our highest quaiity for optimal braking
  • Almost everlasting sides.
  • Special brake blocks required, produced by Magura, Koolstop, Swissstop
  • Optimal brakeperformance in wet weather conditions.
  • CSS is a Ryde Patented design


Star Assembling Technology (SAT)

  • Spoke pattern.
  • Improves design appearance of the bike.
  • Various spoke patterns are available on request.

Ultimate Power


  • Machining of side walls
  • Improves braking performance.
  • Optimal parallelism of the rim.
  • Smooth joint
  • Added value by better look.


Safety line

  • This system shows the rim wear without the risk that the rim sidewall collapse immediately without warning.
  • Warning to replace rim by a concentric groove at brake-side of the rim.
  • Prevents potential accidents.
  • Safety line is a Ryde patented design.

Internal dimpling


  • Spoke holes drilled under two angles, radial and axial.
  • Improves spoke/ nipple line for wheels with big hubs, avoiding broken spokes.
  • Improves stability of wheels with big hubs such as E-bikes/ bikes with big internal gear or speed hubs.
  • Excellent solution for heavy duty wheels.
  • Improves crossing of spokes for wheels with big hubs.
  • ID is a Ryde patented design.

additional information 

Directional drilling

Ryde pioneered the directional drilling of the spoke holes to avoid bends between the spoke and the nipple. This places less stress on the spoke and therefore reducing the chance of breaking spokes. For trekking bikes with bigger hubs, Ryde drills the spoke holes under even bigger angles.


The current trend towards wider rims is nothing new for Ryde. We have been producing wide rims for the bigger part of a century. The wider rims improve the stability of the tyres and Ryde offers many different wider rims for every type of bike out there.



For top quality rims Ryde sleeves and glues the rim at the joint. This technique gives the strongest and safest joint. And you can go even lower in wall thickness, resulting in an even lighter rim than with other techniques.


Our secret for long lasting rims with a rim brake surface is called Carbide Super Sonic, in short: CSS. This layer of carbon particles is literally melted on the aluminium brake surface of the rim and is so hard that it extends the life span of this surface to at least four times longer than the same rim without CSS. (more info)


Many of Ryde’s high end rims have an asymmetrical shape where the spoke holes are not centred, but placed out of the middle of the rim. This gives a wheel a more even spoke tension between left and right and therefor a stiffer and longer lasting wheel. Offset rims have advantages with disc wheels and cassette hubs. for where offset rims are not needed, Ryde supplies the same model of rim in a symmetrical version.