Development and production is done in our own facility located in Europe and Asia.  

In that way Ryde can control every step of the process and guarantees the highest quality. More recently, Ryde also partnered with Cycling Parts Testing, a state-of-the-art testing center that puts all new models of Ryde under pressure and makes sure that rims meet the stricter standards.


Design with a purpose

Ryde proudly develops all rims in house. New designs are based on new insights from the market or from teams. We are driven to give your customers a better ride. Be it longer lasting rims, stronger rims, or rims that make tires work better, rims that improve the quality of the wheel as a whole. Ryde always was at the forefront of the latest developments. And we are still leading the way with our current line-up of aluminum rims. Ryde offers a very wide product range, from the simple Rival 19 or Zac 2000 to the most sophisticated Andra, Edge or Trace series. There is something for every bicycle producers, wheel assemblers or bicycle shops in the range of Ryde.


Extra strong rims are another specialty of Ryde. We build rims for the hardest rides of world travelers and we supply the rims for many cargo bikes. Same rims are also often used for the most demanding producers of e-bikes. The Andra range has an impeccable reputation among its users. Ryde has recently extended this range to meet all possible needs in this segment. In its high end segment, all rims are tubeless ready. With this technology now gaining momentum in trekking bikes as well, Ryde keeps an edge on the competition. Future designs and new ideas are currently tested in a state of the art test laboratory, Cycling Parts Testing. All this should provide you the best rims.