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Edge M 40 SYM

The 40 mm wide Edge drops at the end of the ‘plus’ segment.

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Andra 10

The Andra 10 is the good looking rim for e-bikes and city bikes alike.

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Andra 20

The stylish Andra 20 has the same qualities as the Andra 10, but with a more V-shape profile for different looks.

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Andra 30

A modern day classic, the Andra 30 has built a strong reputation over the years.

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Andra 35

The wider Andra 35 will still fit between the rim brakes, but offers better support for wider tyres.

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Andra 40

The widest Andra rim is optimal for use with tyres ranging from 44 to 65 mm.

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Andra 321

The internal width for the Andra 321 is 21 millimetres for more stability to the wider tyres used these days.

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Andra 29

Andra 29 is the perfect option for the current E-cargo trend.

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Andra 29 Disc

Andra 29 Disc was developed to stand loads up to 180kg.

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