Ryde proudly develops all rims in house. New designs are based on new insights in construction, function and what the market needs. We are driven to give you a better ride. Be it longer lasting rims, lighter rims, stronger rims, or rims that make your tyres work better, rims that improve the quality of the wheel as a whole. Ryde always was at the forefront of the latest developments. And we are still leading the way with our current line-up of aluminium rims.


Technical development

Ryde pioneered the directional drilling of the spoke holes to avoid bends between the spoke and the nipple. This places less stress on the spoke and therefore reducing the chance of breaking spokes. For trekking and city bikes with bigger hubs or e-bikes with hub motors or bikes with smaller wheels, Ryde can drill the spoke holes under extreme angles. The dimpling technique we use guarantees that the nipples are still seated perfectly in the spoke hole.


The current trend towards wider rims is nothing new for Ryde. We have been producing wide rims for the bigger part of a century. The wider rims improve the stability of the tyres and Ryde offers many different wider rims for every type of bike out there.


For top quality rims Ryde sleeves and glues the rim at the joint. This technique still gives the strongest and safest joint. Other proven techniques used by Ryde are pinning for extra strength and stiffness or to offer rims at a most competitive pricing. And Ryde welds all of its stainless steel rims, where we feel this joining technique is applied the best.


Extra strong rims are another speciality of Ryde. We build rims for the hardest rides of world travellers and we supply the rims for many cargo bikes. The Andra range and derivatives have an impeccable reputation among its users. And also our lightweight rims are very strong, stiff and durable due to the special design and high quality

materials Ryde uses.


Ryde is working together with many well known companies in the bike industry to realise their own, exclusive design. We incorporate their ideas with our knowledge and experience to create very special products, extremely well suited to its intended use.


More and more of the rims in the Ryde program are tubeless ready. With this technology now gaining momentum in trekking bikes as well, Ryde is ready for the future.


Future designs and new ideas are currently tested in our state of the art test laboratory. All this should provide you the best rim for your ride.