Quality policy

Our Mission:

Produce high quality aluminum bicycle rims and deliver them in the right quantity at the right time at competitive prices.

Our Vision:

Belonging to one of the world's leading manufacturers of aluminum bicycle rims, we aim to excel in terms of product quality, availability, service and customer satisfaction. To achieve our goal, we are partnering with the largest bike and wheel manufacturers to develop solutions that make cycling even more attractive, more comfortable and safer.

Our Quality policy at Ryde Hungary:

One of the cornerstones of our long-term corporate success is the efficient implementation and continuous development of our quality management system. Our company is committed to meeting customer needs as well as legal, regulatory, industry and other applicable requirements.
Our quality policy is based on the following principles:

Customer focus
Our main focus is on understanding and satisfying customer needs. The indicator of our corporate success is the trust, satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. On time and flexible delivery of products is also key for our customers and even more important in a time of shaky supply chain.

Supplier partnerships
Our products are manufactured with high quality raw materials. We establish long-term, fair partnerships with our suppliers, in which we mutually support each other in order to achieve the set goals.

Involvement, training and development of employees
We create an atmosphere of trust in the corporate work environment through open, honest communication, in which employees can boldly share their ideas and suggestions. By regularly educating, developing and empowering our employees, we strive to create a culture of quality-conscious thinking and acting.

We provide a safe working environment and culture to our team, to avoid accidents and to prevent health problems.