About Ryde


Back in 1908, Ryde, built on the foundations
of the illustrious Van Schothorst plant, has been synonymous of safety and top-class products. Ryde started as a forge and wheel manufacturer in Barneveld, later it moved to Boxmeer, Geldermalsen and more recently to Bergen op Zoom.

From the very beginning, Ryde has focused on the production of rims, an activity in which it has specialized since the 1950’s. Over the years, Ryde has always partnered with the largest bike and wheel manufacturers. As a consequence, it has accumulated a unique and outstanding experience and is able to deliver the highest quality rims in each segment, from the simplest rims to the most sophisticated.

Since the beginning Ryde has been synonymous of quality, safety, reliability and a continuous commitment to improving and perfecting its products. But we don’t just sit back and wait to see what others will do. We prefer to put our heads together with our customers to come up with a solution that makes cycling even more attractive, more comfortable and safer. Together with our highly trained and dedicated product engineers we look for opportunities for product innovation and we open up new markets.

The Ryde philosophy


One of the most important inventions in human history is the wheel. A very basic, simple form, but with tremendous effect on human progress. We don’t say we are reinventing the wheel, we just love improving it. In this respect, Ryde proudly develops all rims in house.

New product developments are based on feedback from the field, from professional teams or from our own experience. We are driven to supply you with better rims.

Be it longer lasting rims, stronger rims, smoother rims or rims that make the tires work better, rims that improve the quality of the wheel as a whole.

Become the best global supplier of aluminum rims in terms of product quality, availability, reactivity and customer satisfaction. As such it aims helping its partners and customers, designing better bicycle wheels.

About Ryde


Ryde builds its rims where they are needed the most. We have our own production facilities in Europe, in The Netherlands and in Hungary. And we produce in our own factories in Asia, in Malaysia and in China. This helps to improve the reactivity in terms product supply and better understand local product needs and specification. By producing every rim in house we have the maximum control over the quality. All Ryde factories work to the same standard, the highest aluminum grade. Every facility has its own specialties.