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The world has realized the need to decrease the usage of carbon. E-mobility like the one provided by e-bikes is definitely a good answer to this major trend. Over the last years, e-bike has become the fastest growing segment within the bicycle industry. It represents about 20% of the sales in Germany and about 30% in The Netherlands. Long before this trend has become popular, Ryde was already improving its Andra line. The bigger electric hub motors place the spokes under a too big angle for regular rims. This especially puts stress between the nipple and the spoke, leading often to failure of the spokes. By making sure that the nipple could be placed under the same angle as the spoke, this potential tension spot was relieved.

The trick is not only the angle of the spoke hole. Also the seat for the nipple head is optimized drilling a dimple in the rim bottom, on top of the nipple hole. In that way, the extra forces put on the spoke nipples and the rim bottom by the electric assistance are much evenly spread. This leads to even less failure with e-bike wheels. The Andra rims can be ordered in many different wheel sizes and with the drilling angle for the spoke holes optimized for the hub and application. All Andra rims are built to withstand and carry more load than regular rims and can ideally be used for not only regular e-bikes, but also transport bikes with or without motor support.

Over the years, Ryde has developed one of the broadest product ranges in the bicycle industry. Below please find some of our most popular models. Should you not find your needs among these rims, do not hesitate to contact your Ryde sales representative, he will be able to give you a full overview of all available rim models.

> Andra Rims

Andra 10

The Andra 10 is the good looking rim for e-bikes and city bikes alike.

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Andra 20

The stylish Andra 20 has the same qualities as the Andra 10, but with a more V-shape profile for different looks.

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Andra 30

A modern day classic, the Andra 30 has built a strong reputation over the years.

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Andra 40

The Andra 40 rim is optimal for use with tyres ranging from 44 mm up to 65 mm.

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Andra 321

The internal width for the Andra 321 is 21 millimetres for more stability to the wider tyres used these days.

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Andra 25 Disc

Cargo, transport-stable and rigid.

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Andra 29

Andra 29 is the perfect option for the current E-cargo trend.

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Andra 29 Disc

Andra 29 Disc was developed to stand loads up to 180kg.

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