Edge series

Developed by bikers for bikers, the Edge series is for real world riding.  Strong enough to withstand serious use, light enough to be at the front of the pack. With technologies carried over from the Trace Series, the Edge Series is up with the very best rims out there. The advantages offered by both series are wider rims to extract the maximum performance out of the tires. The offset of the spoke holes and the directional drilling makes a laced wheels not only stiffer and stronger, but will hold spoke tension much longer. read more

Andra series

Dedicated heavy load rim (e-bike and trekking rim), a Ryde invention. The world has realized the need to decrease the usage of carbon. E-mobility like the one provided by e-bikes is definitely a good answer to this major trend. Over the last years, e-bike has become the fastest growing segment within the bicycle industry. It represents about 20% of the sales in Germany and about 30% in The Netherlands. Long before this trend has become popular, Ryde was already improving its Andra line. The bigger electric hub motors place the spokes under a too big angle for regular rims. This especially puts stress between the nipple and the spoke, leading often to failure of the spokes. By making sure that the nipple could be placed under the same angle as the spoke, this potential tension spot was relieved. read more

Standard series

To have the right rim on the right bike, Ryde offers a broad range of standard rims. These are available for bicycle manufacturers and many of these rims are developed together with some of the best bicycle companies or wheel builders of this world. This range varies from lightweight mountainbike rims to heavy duty aluminium rims and almost indestructible stainless steel rims. read more