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Ryde, our world

RYDE (formerly Rigida) is an established name in the cycling world. Just as our consistently good quality rims are an established name for the producers of all leading cycle brands. Since time immemorial RYDE has been synonymous with top-class quality, safety, reliability and a continuous commitment to improving and perfecting its products. But we don’t just sit back and wait to see what others will do. We prefer to put our heads together with our customers to come up with solutions that make cycling even more attractive, more comfortable and safer. Together with our highly trained product engineers we look for opportunities for product innovation and we open up new markets. And we have a global presence; always and everywhere we are available as your partner with the right products and specialties at the right time.

The importance we attach to quality, safety and ongoing innovation – sometimes in close collaboration with key partners – results in various specialties in the RYDE range.